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PT Imeco Inter Sarana
Since its establishment in 1972, PT Imeco Inter Sarana has emerged as a leading Indonesian company providing a broad range of products and services for various energy and infrastructure projects. Imeco is a dynamic business organization managed by executives who are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

•    To be recognized as a valued partner in the Energy and Industrial Development Project throughout Indonesia.
•    Focus on Customer’s needs for solution.
•    Develop synergy and create added value.
•    Uphold customer’s trust through Quality Performance.
•    Earn healthy return on investment.
Core Values
•    People are our most valuable assets.
•    Commitment and Team-Work key to our success.
•    We grow and prosper together.

Brief History of Imeco
1972 : Imeco was established in 1972, which initially focused on the supply of products and services to the Indonesia Oil and Gas Industry.

1985 : Imeco established a manufacturing facility in Batam for Wellhead, Christmas Tree, Pumping Unit and Rock Bits - with under licensed from principals.

1994 : Imeco introduced the concept of Strategic Business Unit (SBU), which initially are Oil, Gas & Geothermal, Power System & Project Development, and Power Support & Transportation.

1998 : Imeco entered into property line of business by developing own office building and complex, Beltway Office Park, by which Imeco established Property and Infrastructure SBU.

2000 : Imeco established Offshore & Marine Services Division through acquisition 50% shares of PT Aquaria Shipping.

2005 : Imeco obtained certification of ISO 9001 for Quality Management System.

2007 : Imeco developed its first EPC project completion of Gas Power Generation, Combined cycle add-on 40 MW in Palembang, South Sumatera.

2009 : Imeco started to manufacture owned brand pumping units, GIGATECH, under certification of API 11E with initial production of 800 pumps for Chevron Pacific Indonesia. In the same year, Imeco also obtained certification of ISO 14001 for Environmental Management system and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

2010 : Imeco established SBU Operation & Maintenance to provide equipment rental, operation and maintenance.

2011 : Imeco set up an agreement on cooperation with Niko Resources to conduct a Joint Study for oil & gas exploratory field, which is one step towards Imeco becoming an oil operator.

Imeco currently has about 300 employees spread throughout the country, supported by two branch offices in Balikpapan and Pekanbaru, to cover East Kalimantan and Central Sumatera Operations. Imeco also has a wellhead and Christmas tree manufacturing facility in Batam, plastic coating facility in Batam, two fabrication facilities in Jakarta and some other maintenance facilities and warehouses. In addition, through the Oil, Gas & Geothermal SBU, Imeco has some Joint Venture companies which are mostly in partnership with US listed companies.

With 40 years of service, Imeco is proud of its extensive experience and excellent track record, its well-trained and well-educated employees, its understanding of local business knowledge and culture, and its excellent networking with business professionals.

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